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St. Louis Car Accident Attorney at the Powell Law Firm

Jul 25

There are hundreds of details to handle after having a car accident in St. Louis, MO. But the most important details happen immediately after the accident.

At the Powell Law Firm, we have been handling car accidents for years.  We know what is important to make sure you get the highest possible compensation.  Our St. Louis accident attorney is a skilled negotiator who will not rest until you are satisfied.

Don't believe it when the opposing insurance adjuster tells you that you need to accept his offer right away.  The statute of limitations in Missouri is 5 years – so clearly you have time.  But remember – that confusing time immediately after the accident is very important Car Accident Lawyer St Louis.


At the Powell Law Firm, we realize that you are the most important part of the accident.  The first thing to do is to evaluate your condition.  A good car accident attorney in St. Louis knows how hard this is to do.  If you are physically able to get out of the car without further harm to yourself, it’s critical to keep your wits about you and document everything you can.  If you aren’t physically able the only call you can make is 911.


Take pictures of everything.  Be sure to take pictures of your car and the other vehicle.  Note their locations in the street.  Take pictures of the skid marks, the road conditions, and the traffic lights.  Take pictures of the street traffic signs.  Your excellent car accident lawyers in St. Louis will need as much information as possible to help decide who is at fault in the accident.  

The state of Missouri allows both parties to be partially at fault.  The other driver will of course be wanting to put the whole blame on you so that he won’t have to pay.  So the more information you can provide Car Accident Lawyer St Louis for the Powell Law Firm, the better shape you will be in.


Cell phones are great for recording documentation.  Now take pictures of the other driver’s license.  Being here in St. Louis right on the edge of the state, the other driver might be from Illinois.  This will be no problem for Car Accident Lawyer St Louis Powell at the Powell Law Firm because he is licensed to practice law in both states and knows the laws of each state.


Always remember to think before you speak.  Don't talk to anyone except the police.  Of course, you want to make sure the other driver is ok, but other than that, heed your own good counsel.

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